who are you?

My name is Vi (it rhymes with "my", not with "me"). My pronouns are they/them, and I'm a queer person. I'm a bus driver by profession, but I have a love of literature and music and art and all kinds of other things, and needed a place to talk about it.

what is "goofpunk"?

It, fittingly, started is a joke. I was riffing on the meme (that I mostly see on Tumblr) of defining hyper-niche aesthetics, and I told a friend of mine that my aesthetic is “goofpunk”, because I'm a generally silly person who's also really into punk music and the DIY ethos. But since then, it's kind of refined itself into legitimately being my life philosophy.

To me, goofpunk says that humor, silliness, and joy are the most important and valuable things in the world (goof), but that we must be willingly to actively fight to protect them (punk). Goofpunk is definitively anti-racist, pro-queer, egalitarian, and socialist, because to be otherwise would be to allow forces of hatred to rob us of joy and use humor (or at least, their attempts at it) as a weapon to hurt people.

Essentially, goofpunk is my way of being able to allow joy and the need for struggle to exist together on equal footing.